Media Wedding Planners – 5 Steps For Prosperous Branding

What do all successful businesses have in common? They create a recognizable brand – a distinct image, a level of quality, and expectations that others associate with their success. Branding isn’t just for consumer goods and advertising firms. As a wedding consultant, it is important to create a unique brand which reflects your services. For most bridal consultants, you’ll want to portray professionalism, class, organization and creative flare. Follow these 5 steps to experience to build a prosperous business.

  1. Defining Your Brand – Your Unique Delivery

Consider all the reasons a bride may be looking for a wedding planner. Is she looking for unique or creative ideas? Is she busy and short on time? Is she planning a destination wedding and lacks resources and knowledge? Think about for what you want to be remembered and make a list. Remember you must be able to deliver each one. For example, if you want to be associated with high class weddings, your marketing materials must be of superior quality and you must provide services and vendors that match or exceed the same expectation of quality. Define what mixture of services and competences will set you apart from the competition and write a list or paragraph describing each one from the bride’s point of view – she is the one you need to convince.

  1. Designing Your Brand – Your Logo and Message

Create written and visual media that highlight the brand experience your are developing or have established. From your website to your brochure, your wedding planning business needs to draw attention. How can you reflect all the wonderful qualities and services you offer? First, start with a professional logo. For a professional edge, maintain continuity by selecting colors and fonts that will appear on all your marketing materials. Consider adding a descriptive phrase, tag line, that uniquely states your case. Next, develop key marketing pieces using your logo that showcase your skills. The main task is crafting your message about your unique offer and its benefits. Show your materials to trusted friends and associates and request their comments. If you are not comfortable writing, there are inexpensive and talented marketing copy writers available via the Internet or perhaps in your area. Provide them your outline or bullet points as a starting point.

  1. Building Your Brand – Making it Work

Now that you have a savvy business presence, stand behind your brand. If you’ve offer “The Most Fashionable Weddings In Town,” you need to consistently offer these services. Make your name the one future brides associate with a modern, fashion oriented wedding. One way to achieve this goal is developing a relationship with a local bridal boutique. Host a seasonal workshop for local brides with themes such as “Choosing the Right Dress,” or “Organizing Your Bridesmaids.” Create a stunning portfolio by collecting photos of the weddings you’ve organized or services you can provide – from the tables to the flowers. As you become an expert in your niche, your marketing and word of mouth referrals will convince brides your their match.

  1. Managing Your Brand – Keep It Working

It’s important that all aspects of your branding efforts remain up-to-date. Make sure your web site is kept current, and keep it interactive so brides keep coming back for more. Position yourself as a leader in fashionable weddings by submitting tips and “how to’s” to a local bridal publication, and create an online blog where you offer advice to brides. It is important to maintain a professional image, so make sure your brides have the same positive experience when you meet. Make each bride feel they are a top priority.

  1. Growing your Brand – Ideas for High Achievers

Once brides and wedding vendors associate you as a leader, you can create on a growth strategy that suits your company’s profile. Some advanced marketing techniques might include networking events such as scheduling appearances on local talk shows, showcasing weddings you’ve organized for local celebrities, and attending red-carpet events. You may wish to create a line of wedding products, such as party favors or linens. Or, you might consider branching out into other events, such as corporate parties. Establishing your brand is nurturing the public image of your company and can be achieved in many ways. Branding your business is not a one time effort – it’s a rewarding commitment that evolves with time.